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" Ooo...Mitsukake you are seksi.."

I called my friend Chris today, even though he's gay he's pretty nifty..he called me GOD like everyone else! Hah, I knew it! Dude , adding Nijhia or Niji on the front of everything, makes everything alot funny. " Nijhia's Platinum Horse" For anyone that lives in Ohio..KNOWS that place! Also. Jackie wanted me to come spend the night over her house, I decided not too, because that idjit Nicole will be there. She'll as always, do something even more retarded than, the last time I saw her. She was eating a mint leaf chewing on it like she was an animal..I was about to go Gung Ho on her ass. I feel very Sephiroth de da de de da de da a ocean of blood. I should sing it, to Nicole and freak her. My parents left me alone all day today, which was cool. I also finally did a picture of Kyle's char and mine. God, he'd been asking for ten years and I forgot..I finally did it alothough I don't like it I did it. I also did one of me n ' Chris all gung ho. That's mah new word yo. It's " Gung Ho" I don't even know where I got that.! I started saying it a little while ago, and it just fits when I would say it. LoL I wish I could borrow Jackie's whole series of Fushigi Yuugi again and be all.." O.O" at the little bit of yaoi-ness in the anime. Ahhh I am finally going down on my weight..I used to weigh 260..I'm so happy I've lost so much weight! I can't wait til' I look all Gung ho! If I could get down to sixty or one fifty. Also. That idiot boy Jason IM'd me again! He talked about X-men I didn't get it what WAS HIS KICK ANYWAYS? He makes no sense..ever since we broke it's been like " Go away you make no sense" But he really doesn't all he does is complain and whine about something,when I try to gets more piontless. Yesterday I told him to shoo! This Metabolife is making me go crazy I can't sit still. and my mom woke me up at twelve again. Also I got that ugly job and Gaint Eagle so Niji gets money. Yes, I'll be missing in October if I get the money I need for it. after I buy these doujinshi's I'll probably quit buying stuff for a while. I hope to go to Neko-con but I hope NOT to see Morgan..he'll be all HEY BABY and all be like " GUNG HO! Guu away skeery man " anyways that's it..n.n!
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